There is a buzz word/phrase in the parenting world, “the sweet spot.” Many parents will say things like, “I feel like I finally hit the sweet spot with my kids.” or “When exactly is the sweet spot?” We believe all the years of parenting have a sweet spot. Wherever Christ is, is sweet. We hope this blog will be a place for you to be encouraged, learn, laugh, cry, and find things that apply practically to you as you parent. Whether you are a mother, father, step-parent, single parent, grand(parent), co-parent, foster parent, first-time parent, a parent of teens or a parent of kids in between, we hope you will find a sweet spot here.

Grace Life Family Ministry desires to walk alongside your family, to rejoice with you in exciting milestones, and be there for you as we face life in a fallen world. Our desire is to help you and your family live out who you are in Christ and all God has for you. We are hoping we can do this parenting thing well and that as our children leave the nest at 18 (or so), we can sit back in freedom and grace knowing that it was a job well done.

This blog is meant to be a tool for you. A place to be able to find encouragement, tools, resources, and more! Please feel free to share it with your friends and family. And please leave comments under posts that are helpful or have touched your family.
Also, please reach out! Email us if there is a way we can serve your family better or if you would like to see an article or two on a certain topic. We want to hear from you. Click the text link below to visit the blog.

The Sweet Spot Blog