Life Groups Summer 2019

As believers, we are designed for fellowship with one another and Life Groups provide that opportunity in a smaller setting. Life Groups meet on a semester basis (spring, summer, winter). Each semester we publish a listing of the Life Groups that will be meeting and all the of the needed details for you to join! Life Groups range from Bible studies, exercise groups, dinner gatherings and more.

If you have a question about a Life Group or if you are interested in leading a group, please contact Counseling & Body Life Pastor Kevin Brandon.


Spend time lifting up needs to Father in prayer; needs of each other, needs of the Body, and beyond. (Please inquire before attending as the schedule may change.)

When: Sundays at 6:30pm

Where: home of Don & Joyce Driscoll, near Siegen & Perkins

Leader: Don Driscoll


This fellowship group is for young adults and those settling into adulthood! The group meets every other Tuesday for a Bible study of Romans often taught by Pastor Tim. There are also hangout and fellowship opportunities (times and dates TBA). If you are interested but can't make the Bible study, please sign-up so that you can be invited to the fellowship gathering times. 

When: Every other Tuesday from 6:45 till 8pm

Where: Sam & Lily Snow's home (near Siegen & I-10, contact the leaders for directions)

Leaders: Ashley Tuminello & Lily Snow


Men can be very good at being intentional about relationships but sometimes men don't know what it looks like to fight for matters of their own heart. Men can be master performers, fake it till they make it, and then suppress their emotions. This isn't a Bible study or accountability group, but this group will focus on fellowship, intimacy with God and other men, and fighting for what matters in your life by getting to know your story, God's love, and relationship. 

When: Third Sunday of each Month from 2 till 4pm

Where: GLF Meeting Room 1

Leader: Sam Denton


Men of all ages are invited to a come as you are for an encouraging fellowship and inspirational book study.

When: Thursdays at 7pm

Where: Home of Foxy Denham, near Highland and Pecue

Leader: Don Driscoll


Men of all ages are encouraged to join us on Saturday mornings for a cup of hot coffee, teaching and fellowship. The group watches about a 30 minute video from a variety of teachers followed by discussion. 

When: Saturdays from 7:30 till 8:30am

Where: GLF Meeting Room 2

Leader: Don Driscoll


Men of all ages are invited to join us for a weekly restaurant gathering with laid back fellowship. To find out where the group is meeting, contact one of the leaders to get on the email list.

When: Wednesdays at 5:30pm

Where: various locations

Leaders: Chet Barton and Buddy Merritt


Men of all ages are invited to join us for fellowship, encouragement and a delicious hot breakfast. Please inquirt before attending as the schedule may change.

When: Thursdays at 7am

Where: Ambrosia Bakery on Siegen Lane

Leader: Paul Pepitone


This group is a great way to serve God, make friends and have some fun together as we help maintain our church's outdoor space.

When: weekly as scheduled

Where: GLF Grounds

Leader: Randy Wells