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Weekly Teaching

The weekly teaching at Grace Life Fellowship.


The Father as the Vinedresser does not cut off His children, but lovingly prunes them and lifts them to the light.


The need for forgiveness is the single greatest challenge for believers.

1 Timothy

Frank Friedmann will lavish you with the encouragement and uplifting exhortations of Paul's 1st letter to Timothy.

1 Corinthians

Frank Friedmann teaches about the loving way that our Father used Paul to correct the Corinthian believers, just as He does to believers now

GLF Guest Speakers

GLF has the privilege to host wonderful teachers of grace. Click on here to hear these inspiring and enriching messages.

Family Ministries Messages

Practical messages for the family.

Parenting Purity

Teaching purity starts at the earliest age, and though parents are the main teachers of this virtue, Emily Soule and Tim Chalas give help.

The Book of Romans

Explore the rich message found in the book of Romans.

Emptied to be Filled

If we want to experience the fullness of God, we first must be willing to be emptied of ourselves.

The Psalms

Psalms speaks to the heart. Let your heart be touched by these messages.

New Covenant Basics

Lay a firm foundation for your Christian life with New Covenant Basics!

2 Corinthians

2 Corinthians gives us tools to be aware of the tactics of the enemy, but the divine power we have in Christ.

Marriage: A New Covenant Perspective

A Grace-filled, New Covenant Perspective on Marriage from Colossians 3:17-19

Believer's True Identity

Messages on the Believer's True Identity.