Each Sunday, GLF Kids (ages newborn through 5th grade) participate in a dynamic, interactive environment where they are invited to encounter God together in real and tangible ways.



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    NURSERY (8 Weeks - 24 Months)

    A caring and loving environment is found in all of our nursery areas. Here you will find rooms full of the youngest among us, experiencing the love of God through the interaction of staff and volunteers as they meet the physical and emotional needs of the children. Every activity, whether diaper changing, feeding, rocking or playing is done with the goal of keeping your children safe and loved. 

    Contact Kyndal for more information.


    EARLY CHILDHOOD (2 Years - 3 1/2)

    Excitement and joy fill the kids and adults in our early childhood areas. We invite you to join our children as they begin their journey of knowing Jesus. We strive to make the people, stories and principles of the Bible captivate the attention of these children through the use of music and storytelling.  

    Contact Kyndal for more information.


    PRE-K / KINDERGARTEN (Ages 3 1/2 - 6)

    The PLAYHOUSE PROGRAM is for children who are 3 1/2 years of age until they leave Kindergarten. Our kids are given a chance to interact with their surroundings, learn about God and explore how they can respond to Him. Our kids also have a chance to create artistic expressions of their thoughts and feelings about and towards God. The PLAYHOUSE CELEBRATION is a time for our kids to enjoy high energy worship, respond to God through singing, learning Scripture and exploring God's Word together.

    Contact Sara for more information.


    ELEMENTARY (1st - 5th Grades)

    IN THE WORKSHOP, we celebrate with a fun, interactive and Christ-centered service designed with your 1st - 5th graders in mind. Kids experience corporate worship and teaching led by our dynamic, faith-filled large-group teachers and our very own Kids Worship Team. Elementary kids also have a chance to connect on a more personal level with their small group leader and each other during their small group time.

    Contact Meredith for more information.



    Our oldest kids are invited to begin taking on leadership roles with these opportunities to serve within their very own faith community.

    • KIDS WORSHIP TEAM (2nd grade and above) - Step up on the kids' stage on Sunday mornings and join our worship leader and a team of kids as they lead their friends in motions to two lively songs. Practices are held between services on the first Sunday of each month.
    • 2s/3s ASSISTANTS (5th grade and above) - Fifth graders are invited to serve on a rotating basis in our 2s  & Young 3s class.

    Contact Mandy if your child is interested in serving.