Child Dedication

Grace Life Fellowship believes children are a gift from God and we are excited that you are considering child dedication. Child dedication is a public commitment you make before God, your church, and your family. The dedication service provides you, the parent, an opportunity to express publicly your desire to lead and spiritually nurture your child in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, so your child will develop a desire to love God and to love others.



Do I need to be a Grace Life Fellowship member to participate in child dedication? You do not need to be a member of GLF to have your child dedicated. Parents are encouraged to make sure they are calling GLF their home church. Why? In dedicating your child to God, you are stating that you are willing to partner with God and the church to raise your child in cooperation with God's intentions. To partner with any church, one would be wise to decide if he or she agrees with its beliefs and visions, so they can be all-in their partnership with the church.


What can I expect during a child dedication ceremony? During the dedication service (which takes place during our regular Sunday services), parents affirm vows before God, their family, and the church declaring their desire to raise their child in a God-honoring way. Because parents are the primary spiritual leaders for their children, they play a main role in the dedication service. If you have registered to participate in a scheduled child dedication service, you will be contacted via email in advance and will attend a meeting prior to the dedication where all details will be reviewed with you.


At what age can a child take part in a dedication service? While GLF does not have a set age requirement, the average age for a child to be dedicated is two to eight months old, although many parents dedicate children much older than that often for the following reasons: The parent(s) are new believers in Christ and their children were not dedicated as infants; The parent(s) are having a younger child dedicated and want to have their older child dedicated at the same time.


When do child dedications take place? We typically hold three child dedications each year. Please review our church calendar, weekly email and/or bulletin about upcoming child dedications. For more specific info, please contact Nursery Coordinator Kyndal Jacoby.