Care Teams

HOSPITAL/HOME BOUND MINISTRY serves our church family by ministering to both those in our body and their immediate family members while they are hospitalized or home bound. The team focuses on offering a Christ-centered, loving visit to those in need. If you or a family member would like to be visited by one of our team members, please call the church office at 225.769.8844 or contact Church Administrator Mandy Martin.


MEALS MINISTRY serves our body by providing complete, ready-to-eat meals during times of need (such as a new baby) or times of crisis (such as a death or severe family illness). If you or if you know of someone in our body needing a meal, please contact one of our ministry leader at


PRAYER CHAIN serves our body through prayer during times of need. If you or if you know of someone in our body with a prayer need, please call 225.769.8844 or contact Office Manager Roberta Schroeder to have the need included on the prayer chain email.